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What is the Most Important Sign for Your Business?

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How many different signs does your business have? Perhaps, you don’t have any and are looking to buy some? With so many different types of signage to boost the profile of your company’s brand, how do you choose what is the most important sign for your business to have and what ones to invest in first?

A 2014 survey discovered that almost all (98%) of participants believed that attractive signs and graphics gave a good impression of the company. From this, we summarize that shiny, well kept, presented signs give the impression that the company is reputable and professional.
If you were to be contacted by two different suppliers, one of which was using old, illegible, badly designed signage, and the other using brand new signage, with attractive colours and a well-designed logo. Both suppliers offering you the same product and services for the exact same price, are you more likely to choose the well-presented company who have taken the time and effort to brand their image as a representation of their company, or the company who does not seem to care?

Dependant on your business architecture, main exterior/fascia signs are often the first signs that customers see when browsing around town, window shopping or driving past. This is why we consider these the most important signs for business’s; not only as street/road advertising, but as a way of locating the premises. This is one of the first signs that any business needs to think about and they need to think creatively about designing a simple, striking sign that is in line with the rest of the company’s branding.

Exterior signs at your property are only good to gain local exposure, if you have a national presence or spend a lot of time working from a vehicle, eye-catching vehicle graphics are crucial. The most memorable graphics people of the UK remember today are the sky vans covered in graphics of memorable characters from popular TV dramas. This shows how valuable advertisements can be and how far the commercial reach is when using this type of signage.

Signage forms a crucial part of many business’ marketing schemes. The types of signs that these businesses had invested in, in order of importance were: main exterior/fascia sign, Health & Safety signs, vehicle graphics, door signs, labels and stickers, front window graphics, banners, exhibition displays (e.g. pop-up stands), promotional posters/billboards, reception signs, notice boards, entrance gate signs, and directional/way-finding signs.

So if you are a company looking to rebrand or boost your marketing, keep signage in mind as a crucial contributing factor. Not everything is online and if your online presence is great, your expected to have your physical presence matching.

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